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Welcome to TxFSJa.org. We are a small but rapidly growing community of Texas FSJ owners and enthusiasts.

All FSJ'ers are welcome here

Our SJ's are in every condition imaginable for vehicles 18-45+ years old. Everything from total rust buckets to complete original restorations. Off-road setups from the most budget modifications to full-on extreme builds. We love our rigs, no matter what condition they are in. It's an addiction.

There are some really good people here that are happy to help others keep their rigs running and on the road or trail. They are very knowledgeable at repairing these things and at modifying them for off-roading, but everyone is welcome to throw in their two-cents worth.

There is also a discussion section devoted to dually setups and an archive section for them. Many people also have spare parts for sale to help others fix their rigs when they no longer need the parts or have upgraded to something better. There are also junk-yard suppliers and FSJ vendors. You will find those listings in the vendors section.

If you have any questions about forum features or how to do something like posting pictures of your rig, there is a Forum FAQ thread in the Off-Topic section.
What is an FSJ? -- FSJ stands for Full Size Jeep, which are (SJ) Senior Jeeps.
A basic list of FSJs include:
  • Cherokee: 1974-1983
  • Wagoneer: 1963-1983
  • Grand Wagoneer: 1984-1991
  • Gladiator & J-Series Pickups: 1963-1987
  • M-715 Military versions & its derivatives

Other vehicles, while not technically FSJs, are welcome here as they are the honored forebearer of our beloved workhorses:
  • 1947-1965 Jeep All Steel Wagon
  • 1947-1965 Jeep Pickup (not Gladiator)
  • Forward Control Trucks FC-150/FC-170
    (although the FC-150 was based on the CJ chassis)
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